Chris Fraser

Mother & Writer 


Chris is a Veteran Explorer of the World of Autism. She credits her training in the Son-Rise Program twenty years ago for a sense of self-empowerment in her never-ending quest of ways that her son John, who has Autism, may live life well.  Though Chris still implements a lot of strategies learned through the years in helping John when needed, she also holds great value in their current life style. Joining John several years ago as his running partner, Chris has learned that there is a healing and peace that comes from being in nature. Explorer turned Adventurer, trail running and hiking have taken Chris to places she never thought she would go, experiencing life as she never thought she would, ultimately causing her to imagine that she was capable of much more. Chris is currently working on her third children’s book, with several other book projects in the works, all the while dreaming of the next grand adventure waiting to be explored.


John Fraser 

Son & Adventurer 


John often exclaims that he never feels so alive as when he is outside on a cold and snowy Pacific Northwest day. Several years ago, when he finished high school, John decided to “quit” running. John’s mom, Chris didn’t think this was such a good idea. She knew that John’s years of running high school Cross Country had allowed him to meet friends and be a part of a team, something that often is rare in thelives of those who have Autism. Chris decided to start running with John so he wouldn’t quit. Several years later, John and Chris are now members of a local club called the Trail Maniacs and have participated in numerous trail races. As John’s outside adventures continue, so does his adventures into the world of illustrating. As well as being excited to share his illustrations in the book, “Pocket and Bean,” written by Chris and recently published, John is currently working on illustrations for a second children’s book. All the while, he is dreaming of another life goal, that of traveling to England, hopefully finding somewhere to eat pizza, visit a castle, and most definitely, meet the queen. And though he knows he most likely won’t find the snow that makes him feel so alive, maybe, just maybe, he will find a trail race to run instead.



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